Upcoming Show - Uncommon Beauty Gallery Inaugural Exhibition

On Thursday october 18th will be the launch party and inaugural exhibition of Uncommon Beauty Gallery . Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the show in New York, but my collages will be exhibited alongside artworks by Renee Phillips, Taher Jaoui, Alexandria Deters, Evelyn Sosa Rojas, Joy Kim, Ygal Gabay, Anna Aristova, Nina Klein, Viktoria Sorochinski, Shiyi Sheng and Andrea Hurtarte

You are very welcome to join the exhibition and party and please don’t hesitate to talk to Jean-Noel Moneton about my works or contact me via email if you have any questions.

UB launch invite front.jpg

Uncommon Beauty - New York

Here are some impressions of the show "Uncommon Beauty" that I was part in in New York City last September. It was curated by Girl Sees Art and Co-curated by Jean-Noel Moneton.

Might and Magnificence

At our exhibition "Might and Magnificence" at K19 I used the opportunity to point out a subject that made me think a lot recently. In my series "Sintflut" (engl. Flood) I am showing wales swimming in flooded castles. These images seem beautiful and impressive, they are pleasing for the eyes but the longer you look at them the more you understand the catastrophe I am depicting here. We live in luxury, even when our houses don't look like castles. And we don't think enough  about the consequences for environment and other living beings.