I am a Berlin based collage artist with a bi-national German-Greek background. I studied psychology and am therefore often influenced by psychological questions. 

Art is something I do when I feel this inner urge to create, when my soul is burning and in need to transform a feeling, a conflict, or even a thought into something expressive, something more tangible. 

Subjects of my collages are often conflicts or opposites which cause psychological tension. A recurring topic in my work is the concept of desire. Desire in general, how it feels like and what it does with us when we crave something or someone. But also conflicts like: What are we craving more, freedom or love? Soothing numbness or the intensity of feeling alive? Power or innocence? 

I hope that my collages can evoke a conflict - in the viewer as well as in me - while solving or soothing this conflict at the same time.

When I think about my working process I find parallels to dreaming and dream interpretation. That is because, while making Collages I am dreaming, which means creating and experiencing on a very emotional level and at the same time I am  interpreting what it is that I am perceiving and why.



> Körperformen, Wild Berlin, Berlin, 2017

> Uncommon Beauty, 208 Bowery, New York, 2017

> Macht und Pracht, Künstlerhaus 19 Schlachtensee, Berlin, 2017

> Der Mensch im Schatten (48 Stunden Neukölln), Ungeheuer, Berlin, 2017

> Bardo, Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, 2017

> Cutting Edge, CoGalleries, Berlin, 2017

> Lara Minerva X Temper Berlin, Studio 183, Berlin, Germany, 2017

> London Fashion Week Exhibition, The Apartment, London, Great Britain, 2016

> GlueHeads #4, Scotty Enterprises - Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany, 2016

> Nix wie Nixxen, Künstlerhaus 19 Schlachtensee, Berlin, Germany, 2015

> Minimal Collagen, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2015

> Schnipseljagd & fette Beute (48 Stunden Neukölln), Berlin, Germany, 2015


Prophit Art Zine #2 - 40 years PUNK, print, 2017 

> Interview, RedMilkMagazine, online, 2017

> Interview, i-D Germany, online, 2017 (englisch translation here)

> Article Feature, Maybe Okay, online, 2016

> Article Feature, SeaFoam Magazine, online, 2016

> Collaboration with Arthouse perfumery, Folies à plusieurs, Berlin, Germany, 2015


I am represented by Ishtar Art Dealers & Agents. You can find their catalogue here: http://franciscoacedo.com/catalogo/