Interview with i-D Germany

(english translation, original german text by Juule Kay here)

Pret à manger.jpg

Why are you working with the medium of collage ?

I like recombining things. Putting things into relation, that usually have no relation to each other to create new meanings. I am also fascinated by this flow of inspiration that happens everywhere in art but is most clearly in the medium of collage. I am inspired by other artists and the feelings they evoke in me, for example the different approaches of photographers, will inspire me and push me into new directions. And then I'll use extracts of their photos for my collage pieces and create a new meaning, which I hope will also give the impulse for someone else to create something new.


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You studied psychology and you are saying that you are processing conflicts and also want to evoke them in the recipients. How are you achieving this?

There are reasons for choosing the pictures that I want to use in my next collage. It is a psychological effect, that a photo moves me, because I am finding something in it or projecting something into it, that is an important subject for me and sometimes I wasn't even aware of the fact that this subject was important for me, it was all subconscious. (I use these elements then for making a collage that expresses the feeling, question or conflict that moves me and try to create something that moves me in a maximal way.) It is soothing for me, to find feelings in an artwork and experience these feelings very intensely in this moment and then being able to leave the feeling in the artwork and step away from it if I want to.

Which role does Desire play in your artworks?

Desire is an extremely inspiring feeling for me, because it is very intensive and has beautiful qualities for me: it hurts, but is sweet at the same time and beautiful in a way, although it is tragically. In art I am very atracted to tragedy.

Your Collages feel very sexual and show many naked people. What does nudity mean to you?

Being naked means to me, to be human - a nude person is for me a symbol for the human per se. Clothes are always adding  more dimensions to the image of the human being and making the symbol less universal.

Nudity is not always associated with sexuality for me, and even in the cases where I show sexuality in my art, in most of the cases it is a metaphor for something more abstract. Being naked means to show yourself fully, the way you are and therfore making yourself vulnerable. But this doesn't mean that the humans I am showing can't be strong at the same time.

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You are often using pictures from vintage porn magazines. How did you get the idea for this?

A good friend of mine who is a painter and collage artist recommended recommended to try using porn magazines. While looking through the magazines in a store he recommended to me, I found that the vintage section was the one for me. Vintage Porn is much more natural. It was exactly what I had been looking for. Human beings who are intimate with each other and who don't look fake.

In what way do you want to present women in your collage?

I don't want to present them differently than men. Both can be sensitive and vulnerable but also strong, both have a whole range of emotions. Recently I began a collageseries which is called "about men who are secretly in love". It deals with exactly this predjudice that men are only allowed to be strong and not to have feelings.


Do you believe their is a female Gaze?

I think that every human sees the world a little differently. It is very important to me, to not generalize. When I show a woman in my collage, it doesn't stand for women in general. The woman in my collage is symbolising a human being and the whole collage will be a metaphor, expressing a feeling that women but of course also men can feel.

What are you adding to the artistic discourse?

I am retrieving something that is falling into oblivion a little bit. The focus of todays art is on concept art which is very cerebral, I want to bring the feelings more into focus again. Someone who is looking at art, should feel an immediate reaction, without having to read three pages of explanation first. I see my Artworks as rooms, in which the viewer can make certain experiences, which can vary individually. The strongest art is for me one where afterwards you have the feeling that it changed you.