Photo: Kelvin Bügler

Lara Minerva, born in 1992, is a Berlin-based artist with a bi-national and bi-cultural German-Greek background.  She recently graduated with a degree in psychology from the „Freie Universität Berlin“. Lara creates her collages when her “soul is burning and needs to transform a feeling, a conflict, or a thought into something more expressive and tangible”. Her collage work is very sensual and frequently addresses conflicts or opposites, often around objects of desire, freedom, and love. Lara touches the viewer at a deep emotional level. She was recently featured in RedMilk Magazine and i-D Vice amongst others. Lara’s collages appear in numerous private collections in Europe and the USA. Her work has been exhibited in Berlin, London and New York City.

Selected Shows

Do you see me?, Solo Exhibition, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, 2019

Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, 2018

Körperformen, Wildberlin Art Space, Berlin, 2017

Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York, 2017

Macht und Pracht, Künstlerhaus 19 Schlachtensee, Berlin, 2017

Der Mensch im Schatten, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin, 2017

Bardo, Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, 2017

Cutting Edge, CoGalleries, Berlin, 2017

Lara Minerva X Temper, Studio 183, Berlin, 2017

London Fashion Week Exhibition, The Apartment, London, 2016

GlueHeads #4, Scotty Enterprises – Kunstverein, Berlin, 2016

Minimal Collagen, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, 2015


Article in Mutual Art Magazine

Interview with i-D Vice Magazine


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